Our Mission

Our Vision

Be more brighter and smarter with us creating lives you desire .

The Brainiac Houz is a centre of brain development and integration.Our services is carter for all ages from different background.Brain training is not only for those who have learning disabilities but for everyone who wants to have a better life, better performance and maintain a certain impact in memory and everyday activities.

Our Goals Is To : 

  • Learn activities that can support development of sensory, behaviour and communication skills
  • Create awareness as early prevention for learning disability
  • Understand children through neuroscience perspective

Please observe your child. He/she needs help if:

• Distressed by textures (sand, grass, clothes, tags, different food)
• Seek constant movement
• Fearful of playground equipment
• Frequently falls, bumps into or trips over things and appear to be clumsy
• Difficulty with fine motor tasks like buttoning, zipping, cutting, handwriting or art
• Poor attention span
• Distracted by sounds and visual stimuli not noticed by others
• Excessive behavioural and emotional outburst

Our Team

Our service teams are trained to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your training experience at our centers. Additionally, our program development team is constantly reviewing our training methodologies and technologies to ensure that we continue to deliver the quality that you deserve.