What are researchers finding about brain training?

Brain training as an industry and field of study continues to attract the attention of scientists and researchers. See what the scientific community is publishing about brain training.

You or your child may or may not see the same improvements described by these researchers.


Training Brain Networks and States – July, 2014

Attention and Strategy Training Following Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury – July, 2014

Training the Brain: Practical Applications of Neural Plasticity – February, 2012

How to Build a Better Learner – August, 2011

Will Working Memory Training Generalize to Improve Off-Task Behavior in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder? – July, 2010

Differential Effects of Reasoning and Speed Training in Children – July, 2012

Enhancement of Cognitive and Neural Functions through Complex Reasoning Training – April, 2014

Altering Cortical Connectivity: Changes in the White Matter of Poor Readers

Improving Fluid Intelligence with Training on Working Memory

Cognitive Training Improves Everyday Functioning in Older Adults for Ten Years

Modifying the Brain Activation of Poor Readers: A Longitudinal Study of Neuroplasticity

Short-Term and Long-Term Benefits of Cognitive Training

Brain Training Game Improves Vision and Success of Baseball Players

Brain Training Keeps Seniors Sharp for Years

Meditation and the Brain Function of Monks

Brain-Stimulating Activities at Any Age May Preserve Memory

Act of Learning Changes Your Brain

New Neurons Generated in Adult Mammals

Some Brain Regions in Adults Retain Childlike Ability to Create New Connections

Modified Mirror Neuron System Can Alter Visual Perception

Can Cognitive Training Make You Smarter?: Interview with Author Dan Hurley

How to Rebuild Attention Span in Older Adults

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